Training Programs

Fire Fighting and Damage Control Trainings

Fire Fighting and Damage Control Trainings


It is given to domestic / foreign military and commercial ships to develop reactions in emergency situations that may be encountered in port and sea fire fighting and damage control issues.


5 days (2 days port - 3 days by sea)

Content of the Training:

  • This training package is given to newly built ships or ships that have been dormant for a long time.
  • Before the training, the ability of the ship to train in terms of materials and personnel will be checked. The ships that are successful in the control are given fire and damage control trainings within a program in the first 2 days in the port and the next 3 days at sea.

Education Requirements:

  • All devices and systems of the ship must be active and can be used safely by the relevant personnel.
  • There should be no obstacle to the safe navigation and training of the ship in terms of materials and personnel.