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About Us

Welcome to Albatros Consulting

Albatros Consulting is a solution partner established to provide training to all domestic/foreign naval forces and merchant ships, personnel and sailors within the scope of specially created training programs and training packages prepared for special needs when necessary.

Our instructors and training teams consist of specialist and naval officers and non-commissioned officers in service or newly retired from active service. These instructors and teams provide and develop collective or individual training of any phase of a maritime training, from OJT to specific operational training.

Its competencies cover maritime domain areas such as academic and individual training in surface, air and underground operations, ship stewardship, naval aviation, maritime safety, navy special forces and mine warfare.

The trainings created and provided by Albatros Consulting have been prepared as different training packages, taking into account the possible training needs or demands of the navies. At the same time, it is always possible to prepare "Tailored" training packages in accordance with the special training needs of navies. For this training creation, our experts will use the "Training Development Methodology" which includes Training Needs and Needs Analysis. On the other hand, with the solution partners of our company, Leadership, Teamwork, Helicopter Platform Certification and Helicopter Landing / Take-off trainings, NATO AEODP-10 (STANAG 2143) (EOD Principles and Minimum Qualification Standards) and ADivP-07 (Minimum Competence and Currency for NATO) Standards and trainings on different subjects such as making explosives harmless for divers are also provided and developed according to needs.

Our aim is to enable the trainees to reach the capacity to operate in all kinds of maritime fields with the trainings we provide. At the end of the training, our trainees will have the capacity to successfully fulfill the assigned tasks in harmony with their ships.

Albatros Consulting Mission


Albatros Consulting

  •  In order to prepare domestic / foreign navy and commercial ships for action, to continue their training preparations, to navigate safely and to help the effective use of surface forces; Using modern methods and training aids, navigation / ship handling, machine operation and failure response, fire fighting and damage control trainings and different operational trainings are carried out.

  •  For surface ships and submarines all over the world; To be a reference training center in the world with its training, quality and facilities capable of performing all kinds of training and inspection / certification that need domestic / foreign navy units and commercial ships.
  •  To have a staff that uses pioneering methods and practices that will meet the educational needs of the future, sets standards, is proud of what they do, and is proud to provide education.

Albatros Consulting Vision


Albatros Consulting
Albatros Consulting Our Values

Our Values

Albatros Consulting

 Being innovative in education,

 Targeting contemporary information and technology,

 Making it creative, supportive of change and sustainable,


 To have an effective communication and information network,


 Protecting the environment and natural resources,

 Targeting the satisfaction of the trainees,

 Making objective assessments with positive reviews,

  Taking part in social responsibility projects.